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Welcome to the SPF CARE Portal

This one-stop portal aims to provide information about the care programmes, welfare benefits and services available in the SPF, including those provided by the various police associations. It also aims to serve as a useful knowledge repository for Unit Welfare Officers and Health Facilitators.

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Care for the Men

Logo Rationale

The SPF CARE logo is a symbol of SPF's care for our people.

The dark blue represents the organisation's corporate colour, signifying that SPF CARE is an integral part of the SPF. The word "care" in distinct red conveys our strong commitment to care for the well-being of our people. Stretched across the logo, the word also symbolises the wide variety of services, benefits and programmes SPF provides to cater to the needs of our own staff at different stages of their life.

The motif of the Police cap is a marker of our collective identity. Also resembling a house, it signifies our concrete goal to provide every member of the SPF family with a work environment that is warm, safe and work-life friendly. The overarching line across the cap represents the umbrella of care SPF provides, bringing a smile which is represented by the smaller arch beneath to all under its shelter.


The men and women of the Police Force are a special breed. The tagline "Care for the Men" emphasises SPF's care and concern for the welfare and well-being of our staff - a remarkable lot.